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La Casa Family Dentistry has served the community since 1993 and we are proud to continue to serve as your dental provider. We believe everyone should be able to maintain healthy dentition for a lifetime. We are currently scheduling appointments for pediatric, adult, geriatric, and special needs patients. Our equipment is state of the art and we provide a wide range of services to include preventive care, comprehensive treatment, and emergency consultations. La Casa Family Health Center believes quality care should be made available to everyone. We will collaborate with you to develop a treatment plan which best suits your oral health needs. Our caring and diligent team works together to ensure the best experience for each of our patients.

La Casa Family Dentistry Offers:

School Based Dental Services

OUR MISSION: The goal of La Casa Family Health Dentistry is to provide high quality general dental services, with emphasis on prevention and education, primarily to the underserved children of Southeast New Mexico.

We offer School Based Dental Services at participating schools in Portales, Clovis, and Roswell. This services allows us to provide quality dental care during school hours without parent/guardian from taking off work to schedule an appointment. We conduct X-Rays, a complete exam, cleanings, and sealants if necessary. We will send the child home with an oral report card to update parent/ guardian on the child’s oral health. Our dental teams with work with to provide follow-up care if necessary. A consent form from parent/guardian is needed before conducting these services.

For more information call a La Casa Family Dentistry nearest you:
Portales: 575.356.5517
Clovis: 575.769.5021
Roswell: 575.624.7207


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