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Neonatology is a sub-specialty under pediatrics. Neonatologists are trained healthcare professionals who specialize in the care of newborn babies. They provide comprehensive care for premature and critically ill full-term infants from birth until discharge.

No. Although neonatologists care for premature newborns and babies with underdeveloped organs, they also oversee full-term babies with injuries or congenital disabilities.  

Neonatal care is a type of care given to newborn babies who are either premature or sick. They’re usually housed in a neonatal unit, part of the hospitals.

There are different reasons your baby might need neonatal care, as it is on a case-to-case basis. Frequently, they are due to the following:

  • Your baby is born prematurely. 
  • Your baby has a low birth weight.
  • Your baby has an existing medical condition that needs immediate attention and treatment.

There are four levels of neonatal care: 

  • Level I: Well-newborn nursery
    Level II: Special care nursery 
  • Level III: Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
  • Level IV: Regional neonatal intensive care unit (Regional NICU)

For more information, read our article about the different levels of neonatal care and what each care means for your baby.

Newborn hearing screening ensures that deaf or hard-of-hearing babies are recognized as soon as possible. Early intervention can make a significant impact on their communication and language development. 

Hearing loss is a common birth defect. Most of the time, it's because of:

  • Genes passed down through the generations
  • Birth before the due date
  • Low fetal weight
  • During pregnancy, there is a risk of contracting a virus or infection.
  • Defects in the womb
  • Infections that occur after birth
  • Other types of injuries

The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is a specialized unit that provides intensive medical care for newborn babies. The NICU shall cater to babies born early or experiencing health problems.

The NICU staff will take care of your baby while in the NICU. They are composed of doctors, nurses, and specialists like neonatologists. These people work as a team to ensure that your baby gets strong.

The severity of their illnesses determines the length of time that infants spend in the NICU. The average length of stay in a special care nursery for babies is 13.2 days. Infants delivered before 32 weeks of pregnancy, on the other hand, stayed for an average of 46.2 days.

Visitation policies vary depending on the hospital, but parents can visit and spend time with their babies while in the NICU. Other family members who want to pay a visit may be allowed but only during a specific timeframe.

Here are some things you can do to assist your newborn baby to adjust to life at home:

  • Reduce the number of visitors to your home.
  • Before touching your infant, have visitors wash their hands. Allowing people to smoke in your house or near your infant is not a good idea.
  • Call your baby's caregiver if you have any queries regarding your infant or their care.
  • Even if you think your baby is fine, take him to all of his well-baby checkups. Don't skip these checkups if your baby needs special attention due to a medical issue.
  • Inquire with your baby's doctor about choosing a child care provider. Ask if she can recommend a caregiver with experience caring for babies with medical needs.

Before pregnancy, it’s ideal to ask whether your hospital offers NICU. Not all hospitals have full-service NICUs. Some hospitals don’t have sufficient staff for a NICU and babies shall be moved to a different hospital. Before pregnancy, it’s ideal to ask whether your hospital offers NICU.

It’s vital to have access to the highest-level neonatologists and neonatal experts. Millennium offers the most experienced in this field. Schedule an appointment with us to start working with dedicated neonatologists or call us at (888) 778-1873. 

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It’s possible to switch your old ward into a full-service and modern NICU. Our NICU Design & Consulting involves consultation with specialists to turn your vision into reality.

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