Below are recent testimonials from actual La Casa patients throughout New Mexico!  We are determined to provide the highest quality care; and your satisfaction is our greatest reward.  If you’ve had a positive experience with us, please let us know!

“The dentists at La Casa Family Dentistry are excellent and the staff is very professional. I would recommend their services to anyone!”
Gabriela M.

“I saw Cortnee, PA in Clovis today. I like her and her team. They were very personable and professional. I am very impressed with the professionalism, courtesy, and care! Whatever it is that you guys are doing- keep it up!”
Isabell W.

“Everything was wonderful- all of the staff are great especially Dr. Usher. She is the best dentist I have ever dealt with.”
Maria A.

“I am so grateful for this procedure; Dr. P and her assistant were great.  It is going to help me feel confident… now I can smile again!  God bless you both!”
Virginia A.

“The care at Los Ninos Pediatrics is excellent. I love it here!”
Delma J.

“I have always been afraid to go see a dentist; I would even get panic attacks. I have been seeing Dr. Usher and her staff here in Roswell and I have learned to love these people. They have been awesome and are good to me!”
Alice R.

“Dr. Immanni and has staff are great! Thank you so much for my partials!”
Valerie C.

“Yo estoy muy contenda porque Los Ninos atienden muy bien amis hilos nunca me asen esperar con las sitas me atienden pronto. Gracias.”
J. Sanchez

“Everything was great. The staff was very friendly and considerate. Dr. Y was very nice! All around this is a great family health center and I would recommend it to anyone in need of a doctor.”
Jose G.

“I am very happy with the services here and would recommend La Casa to anybody.”
Esta B.

“Me parece muy buen servicio. Respetan las citas y la hora. Las assitentes son muy amables y cuidadosas al cuidado de la salud dental. Recomiendo este servicio”
Claudia Q.

“Everyone at La Casa has been very very helpful. The nurse Melanie and Dr. Shet were great. There was no waiting and everyone was very polite!”
Helen C.

“All of the employees, especially the dentist, are so very nice and helpful.”
Jessie S.

“Thank you all for your hard work. I have told others what good dentsits you have and how professional you are. You are making a lot of people very happy with your work. God bless you and take care.”
Martha G.

“I’ve been seen by the doctors here since 1990- I would not go anywhere else!  Here we get the attention we need, and sometimes our medication.  Keep up the good work.  God bless La Casa and all its staff and members!”
Margarita V.

“I love my dentist! Dr. Usher is the best and the most caring person I’ve ever met.”
Mary F.

“As soon as I arrived I was taken care of immediately. I only had to wait a few minutes to see the doctor. Dr. Shet is very kind and takes time during the exam to answer all of my questions. He never rushes so I have no complaints. All of the nurses are also very friendly and helpful.”
Beth E.

“Everything at Los Ninos Pediatrics is awesome! We love it here and can always get in!”
A. Pruitt.

“Thank you to everyone who treated me and took care of my appointments. I get great service at La Casa and you made me feel good.”
Olympia S.

“The doctors and nursing staff are very polite and were able to answer my questions. All of my needs were met.”
Martha L.

“Dr. Immanni is the best dentist I have ever had. I would refer anyone to see this dentist.”
Patrick S.

“I absolutely love the services here and the people are wonderful.”
Glenda B.

“I was very happy with the way I was treated here- the hospitality was excellent! I am happy with the process used to maintain my teeth and my new dentures make me feel better about my visits. I feel great now that I have a healthy mouth once again.”
Rhiannon J.

“I’m very happy with my dentures. All the employees, mainly the dentist were so very nice and helpful!”
Jessie S.

“Everyone at the Roswell La Casa is very friendly and welcoming. The doctors are very thorough and always make sure you understand everything. I always feel taken care of during my visits.”
Sarah V.

“I have always been treated fairly with patience and kindness at La Casa.”
Carol A.

“When I first started coming to La Casa the whole staff made me feel right at home. Everyone was so respectful and very professional. I got my new teeth today and they are beautiful! I love them and got my smile back. Thank you all so much. I love you to the moon and back, Dr. Usher you are the best!”
Pilar H.

“I was pleased with the care I received from Dr. Shet and his nursing staff. He was very nice and was able to answer all of my questions.”
Mariana L.

“No tengo ninguna queja debido al excelente servicio que otorgan. Los empleados son amigables, informativos y respetuosos. Las esperas son cortas y el trabajo es bien hecho.”
Diego R.

“Yo tengo viniendo un año con Dr. Shet y es muy professional, trata a sus pacientes con mucho respeto y le interesa todo sobre mi salud. Las enfermeras son muy profesionales, amables y atentas.”
Gloria T.

“This was my first visit to La Casa Family Health Center and I was very pleased with the way I was treated by every person who works here. Thank you.”
Richard M.

“At La Casa Family Health Center I am treated like more than just a patient- I’m a person!”
Christie L.

“I have always had a very good experience at La Casa. Before I started here my kids use to cry when I said we were going to the doctor. However, they actually enjoy coming here! All the personnel are very nice and attentive and am I pleased with the treatment we receive here.”
Dora M.

“I love the staff at Los Niños Pediatrics! They offer same day appointments when I need them and are always helpful and respectful. Thank you for everything!”
Donna G.

“The staff at Los Niño’s is always wonderful and willing to help in any way possible.”
Briggette W.

“We love coming to Los Niños Pediatrics. The staff is always respectful, positive, and caring towards my son. Great doctor and staff who show how much they really care! Thank you for all your work.”
Jovanny A.

“We will always be grateful to La Casa Family Health Center. We thank the nurses and Dr. Yangalasetty for being so great to our son and caring for his medical needs.”
Phillip M.

“I come to La Casa for all of my medical needs and have had a very positive experience. The front desk always shows concern for the patients and tries to have you seen as quickly as possible. The medical and dental staff as well as Outreach are amazing. All of their facilities are very well maintained by excellent staff members and I would recommend them to anyone.”
Kathleen U.

“The dental receptionist was very nice and patient. My dentist was pleasant to be around, very informative, and helpful for someone who is not afraid of anything except visiting the dentist’s office! La Casa provided me with first class service all around- thank you!”
Steven A.

“The medical team at La Casa is very friendly and always eager to address my baby’s healthcare needs.”
Dorie A.

“The La Casa staff and doctors are outstanding people. They always take time to explain things to make sure you understand. God bless La Casa’s staff- keep up the great work!”
Martha C.

“I use Dr. Thom as my child’s pediatrician. He is always thorough, takes his time in answering my questions, and addresses any concerns I may have about my children. We prefer to use La Casa Family Health Center over any other healthcare providers.”
Donna G.

“I am most pleased with Dr. Le and his associates. Many teeth have been extracted from my mouth and they have made this experience at La Casa Dental in Roswell the very best experience in my life. Dr. Le and his team were the most friendly, professional team ever! Thank you.”

Grace Najar.